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Our areas of intervention

Towards better cohesion of management teams and greater performance of your organization.

Executive coaching is aimed at business leaders, senior executives or department heads.

The challenges in these roles are numerous. Executive coaching aims to achieve tangible and concrete results in the short and long term. Coaching allows you to detach yourself from everyday life. By taking a step back, the coach and the manager analyze the situation together and prepare the necessary interventions or decisions. Coaching reflects action models and therefore opens up new possibilities for action to the manager.

As a member of a management team, the complexity of team dynamics is added. Together with the coach, the team develops a common vision, emphasizing its impact on the organization and the possibilities for action as a collective. Executive coaching allows each member to find their place, listen to each other and subsequently collaborate more effectively.

Objectives of the support:

  • Professional evolution

  • Resolution of difficulties and conflicts

  • Evolution of the organization

  • Development of personal effectiveness

  • Skills development

  • Leadership Development

  • Stress management

leading team

Support for leaders

  • Coaching of leaders and executives

  • Coaching of management committees

  • Support for transformation projects

  • Support for expatriates

Coaching de dirigeants

Forge teams of collaborators who work well and willingly together.

Team coaching helps improve the performance of teams and managers.


As part of team coaching, we help your employees and managers grow together to form a team. The goal: a high-performance community whose members work closely and confidently. If necessary, we integrate diagnostic tools into our coaching sessions to clarify behavior and group dynamics.


Formats such as team seminars make it possible to meet and discuss in a targeted manner on topics for which there is often too little time left on a daily basis.

Objectives of the support:

  • Resolve conflicts

  • Clarify roles

  • Improve communication

  • Define a strategy and team objectives

  • Discover the potential of the team and its members

  • Strengthen team spirit 

  • Create transparency

  • Mastering change

  • Develop a values-driven team culture

  • Clarify responsibilities and skills

Improving interactions, communication, stress management and the development of managerial skills are at the heart of our training. Discover our training catalog below:


Support for teams

  • Team Coaching

  • Collective skills assessment

  • Team seminars

  • Conferences

  • Training in leadership, communication, conflict resolution, interculturality and QVT

Coaching collectif

Develop your skills and personality in a framework of trust.

The objective of individual coaching is to develop personal and professional abilities to resolve the difficulties encountered in work life. It offers coachees tools to better understand their behaviors and interactions with others and find a personal and professional balance.

The coachees are supported to modify their thought and behavior patterns or to make professional decisions. 

Objectives of the support:

  • Develop leadership skills

  • Strengthen the capacity to manage conflicts

  • Improve self-management

  • Become a manager for the first time

  • Present yourself in a sovereign manner

  • Increase resistance to stress

  • Gain clarity

  • Reorient yourself professionally

  • Develop your personality

Professional Coaching

Individual support

  • Individual coaching

  • Career review

  • Skills assessment

  • Work-life balance

Coaching individuel

Place the customer at the heart of your organization.

Operational excellence is achieved through the cultural transformation and technical implementation of a company that allows it to operate optimally and achieve its strategic objectives. Although it seems simple, it is an approach that has far-reaching implications for any organization.


At the heart of any company are its employees, its processes and the way they are managed on a daily basis. By focusing on how people work, what they do and why they do it, we can refine the execution of your operating model to significantly improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. organization.


Operational excellence is customer-centric. By helping your business examine the real needs and values of your customers, we can ensure that your business strategy, operating model, people and processes meet your customers' requirements.

After an initial organizational diagnostic phase, we work with you to plan the necessary steps to achieve operational excellence. Our interventions range from workshops for executives or groups to team seminars and coaching. All of our formats are interactive and encourage co-creation.

Objectives of support: 

  • Define your organization's purpose, strategy and desired behaviors

  • Develop customer centricity throughout your organization and processes

  • Align frontline work with business goals

  • Improve decision-making effectiveness


Operational effectiveness

  • Diagnosis of the organization

  • Definition of the customer journey

  • Improved operating models

  • Co-development workshops

  • Project management and change management

Excellence opérationnelle

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